Kelly Fisher

Kelly Fisher

I love that very first moment of stepping out into the warmth of the sunshine. You know the one, where your eyes close and your chin tilts up so that your face can receive the sun more fully. The one where your nostrils open up to drink in the fresh air and your lungs fill with life energy. Do you notice how you feel hopeful and free, no matter what’s going on, even just for a few seconds? That feeling is the remembrance of our innate freedom, our connection with life and the omnipresent possibility of wellness.

For me, the practice of yoga opens up that same gateway to an internal sense of freedom and safety. I teach in order to offer others a chance to connect to a sense of wellbeing, wholeness and to create a place of restful ease inside themselves.

I love helping others re-discover themselves through the practice of yoga. I provide guidance and encouragement to students as they grow appreciation of their bodies, themselves and the world.

This site provides information on doing yoga with me and some of my musings. Welcome, look around and please feel free to get in touch.