I love that very first moment of stepping out into the warmth of the sunshine. You know the one, where your eyes close and your chin tilts up so that your face can receive the sun more fully. The one where your nostrils drink in the fresh air and your lungs fill with life energy. Do you notice how you feel hopeful and free, no matter what’s going on, even just for a few seconds? That feeling is the remembrance of our innate freedom and the omnipresent possibility of wellbeing.

For me, the practice of yoga opens a gateway to the same internal sense of freedom and safety. I teach in order to offer others a chance to connect to a sense of wholeness and to create a place of restful ease inside themselves even when life feels hard or there is physical or emotional pain.

I offer yoga that meets you where you are and offers you a personalised toolkit for getting to the places you want to go. My experience is hard won and I have great compassion for the suffering of others as a result. Life isn’t always pretty but there are ways of learning to be more at ease in the mess of it. Yoga can be one of those ways.



Feel Better In Your Body Workshop Series


Private Tuition

Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your request.

Yoga was originally taught one-on-one. Even today with group public classes on offer everywhere, nothing beats some private time with a teacher who is focused only on addressing you and your needs. It can really help boost your experience of your home practice or group class.

You might like to consider private yoga sessions if you:

  • are new to yoga and want to create a solid understanding of the basics in an environment that is perfectly tailored for your needs
  • are healing an injury or are dealing with a specific health situation
  • are a new teacher
  • would like to have a yoga practice specifically designed for you. Whether you’re a busy executive or a competitive athelete or a retiree looking to make the most out of life, I’ve worked with many people to use yoga as a tool for getting where they want to go.
  • have some burning questions you never manage to ask in a group class
  • would like to fine tune an aspect of your asana or pranayama practice

Working with private clients is one of my favorite things to do. Spending time to really understand your needs is the first step. I rely heavily on my training and intuition to accomodate each person fully. Check out my Testimonials page for feedback.

Currently I am offering sessions at:

  • Urban Yoga in the Wellington CBD on Wednesdays.
  • My home studio in Paraparaumu Beach on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
  • Alternate locations by negotiation. Please note there may be an additional costs associated with using another venue and for travel expenses.

Please get in touch to find out more. Please briefly indicate why you would like to have private sessions and what you would like to focus on.


Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your request.

Please note: I require 24 hours’ notice of all booking cancellations or modifications otherwise full payment for the session is required.


Foundations Yoga Course

8-week course

The Foundations Yoga Course offers a toolkit that you will be able to use in any yoga practice for years to come, whether you decide to practice at home or in public classes. It’s a great place to start your yoga exploration and it’s also a wonderful refresher of the basics no matter how experienced you are on a yoga mat!

We will cover five main principles over the first five weeks and the final sessions will be review time and the opportunity to experience a seamless practice.

Armed with the principles, you may feel more confident when you join public classes near you or when you practice on your own. You may also choose to work privately with me to consolidate your learning further.

Next course:

  • Z Health StudioMondays, May 1 – June 26 (no class Queen’s Birthday)  10:30-11:30am  Investment: $120 ($108 if paid by March 15)


Yoga is my passion and sharing it with others gives me untold amounts of joy. The practice of yoga has opened entire new worlds to me and as a teacher, I relish introducing others to vast possibilities of experience as well. To give you an idea of what it might be like to work with me, I’ve included some of the comments I’ve received from my students, private clients and corporate facilitators below.

Class participants:

I enjoy the passion which Kelly demonstrates in her teaching for yoga , combined with her intellectual approach to the planning of how the class flows and her knowledge of the body physiology. There is an expectation of students extending themselves and acheiving beyond the level of their own expectations without a sense of competitiveness – which provides a sense of satisfaction after the class.”

“I feel so lucky to have found Kelly! The joy she obviously finds in teaching is infectious. I’m constantly amazed by how intuitive Kelly is – I often feel as though she’s teaching exactly what I need that day, when I haven’t said a word. Kelly’s skill as a teacher lies not just in her extensive knowledge of yoga, but in her ability to create a real community feeling in her classes.”

“Kelly is a truly gifted person and teacher who, with her compassionate and intuitive approach has opened my world to the benefits of Yoga. I feel truly blessed to have had Kelly help nurture me through this amazing journey. In Kelly’s group sessions she has created a place of practise that is kind, supportive and non judgemental – it is a true joy to experience the community that she has created.”

“I have enjoyed the classes as an introductory to yoga, Kelly has made me feel very comfortable as newcomer to yoga and am not afraid to ask questions.”

“Kelly is an amazing Yoga teacher. A good mixture between a geeky and down-to-earth person, and very fun to be around. I always look forward to every single class.”

“It is a joy to attend Kelly’s yoga classes. Her warmth and wisdom distract me from the difficulty of what she is asking me to do. This makes poses more achievable. She fosters a feeling of community in class regardless of the numbers present. Her words remain in my mind and re-surface when they are needed. It is a pleasure to discover that working towards a pose doesn’t have to be a serious experience”

“Kelly is an amazing knowledgeable teacher. She is World Class!”

From Private Clients:

“My yoga practice has been under Kelly Fisher’s guidance since 2008. One to one sessions with Kelly during and after my pregnancy were hugely beneficial. Her expertise and intuitive approach helped me embrace and wonder at the changes my body was going through. I know the sessions I had with Kelly during my pregnancy prepared my mind and body perfectly for the wonderful labour I experienced, and my journey into parenthood.”

“YOU are the person who enabled me to start and you continue to ever so gently assist me in progressing further through whatever it is I obviously am ready to go through.”

“a very heart felt thanks for all your teachings during [the year].  I know you provide a service but you also really seem to care about your pupils.”

From Breast Cancer Survivors courses:

“I really enjoyed the chance to have classes specifically targeting the areas of surgery and in an environment that felt safe and understanding, especially during the time of treatment when physically I am feeling more vulnerable. I liked the development of the classes and the balance between poses, meditation and breathing techniques. I also liked the fact that everyone taking part could had been through some form of breast cancer, the additional support that provided was very valuable.”

“I found that the classes gave a wonderful range of movements and poses, and also breathing and meditation techniques. I have achieved my aims, which were to begin to grow confidence in my body and strength, and therefore my ability to participate (and complete!) a yoga block class.”

“In particular I feel that the classes have improved my energy levels (physically, spiritually and emotionally). The breathing techniques have helped me to deal with the current high level of stress in my life.”

“A special, big Thankyou for the opportunity, and for being such an amazing teacher – I love your style and your generosity of spirit.”

“For me, the small class size and that it was tailored specifically for Breast Cancer women was an absolute advantage, at this stage I wouldn’t be happy going to a normal class. Kelly was a fantastic teacher and very understanding of our specific needs.”

From Corporate clients:

“For me, Kelly embodies what I hoped Yoga and its teachings would be about – the Physical, emotional and spiritual. With over ten years within the fitness industry I’ve worked with lots of Yoga instructors, but have found Kelly’s unique and intuitive approach to be truly remarkable.  So much in fact, I often refer my personal training clients (the ones I feel would be open to change) straight into Kelly’s classes.

Kelly is professional, personable and very likeable – everything you would want from an instructor/teacher, without knowing what you need or want.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Kelly to any of my clients, friends or family – in fact she is teaching most of my clients, friends and family!”

“My experience of you in our work with my client is that you were responsive to what we needed and created a class around that. You geared the class to the level we needed based on people’s level of yoga experience.You varied it enough each day to make it interesting for people. Your instructions are clear and unambiguous and designed to make it easy for people to follow.”

“You’re professional and have great expertise.”