About Me

I am a Yoga Teacher and Yoga Health Coach.

This has been my full time vocation since 2005 and I hold Yoga Alliance‘s highest qualification, E-RYT 500. In recent years, I’ve been immersed in family life and study but before that I owned two studios in Wellington Central.

My teaching comes from a widely varied background, from neuropsychology, to many styles of yoga, to street philosophy and pop-culture. I am a perpetual student, curating ideas from a wide variety of sources. I synthesise most of my experiences to offer back as a teaching in some way. Continued learning means that I’ve got more tools at my disposal to use in service to you, the students I encounter.

If you’re interested in more about my background, check out A little bit of History…

My teaching style is based on my personal experience of discovering the freedom to listen to my own body. Having studied widely – from yoga and Ayurveda to Psychology, Neuroscience, Functional Medicine and meditation, I have lots of  tools at my disposal to help a broad range of students. What do you need?

Yoga? or Yoga Health Coaching?

Above all else, I think that students should feel free to explore their inner landscape. I see myself as a guide and a companion for the journey. Let’s see what’s possible to create together!

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Please get in touch if I can be of service to you.