Be Yourself


Be yourself. – There is only one of you on the planet. The world needs you to express your unique set of skills and talents to their fullest extent. You’ll find that the people you need to support you in your full expression of yourself will come, sometimes from out of nowhere. You can never predict or control the way that other people react but you don’t need to. If you are fully in your groove of self-hood, you’ll have all the support you need and the sources may just surprise you.

Yoga is a practice that can help you dive deeply into yourself to remember who you are. It can also provide some tools to help you stay strong in the face of challenge. Today, sit for a moment in your own company and follow your breath into your body with your awareness. As you allow your awareness to rest inside for a few minutes, just notice the coming and going of thoughts, emotions and sensations. See if you can sense the subtle, unchanging presence beneath the fluctuations and know that you can return to this space whenever you choose. Know also that the unique expression of who you are is coming from this place and the more you can connect inward with it, the more authentic your outward expression in the world will be.


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