Sankalpa – Setting your intention

You may have been in a class at Yoga Unlimited where the teacher invites you to set a ‘sankalpa’ before you begin your practice and you may have wondered what ‘sankalpa’ meant. There are several English translations for this Sanskrit word, including intention, affirmation and dedication, among others. Each of these translations expresses a different aspect of the original flavour of the word but the one that I connect most easily with is ‘intention’. Continue reading “Sankalpa – Setting your intention”

Om Namah Shivaya

The Sanskrit salutation “Om namah shivaya” can be translated as: I bow to that which I am capable of becoming. Each of us has unlimited possibilities stretched out ahead of us, regardless of who we are, where we live, what we do or how old we are. It’s interesting to take a moment to bow to the possibilities. Inevitably something specific leaps to mind. Perhaps a physical goal, some mental hurdle or maybe even a spiritual seeking comes into focus. Continue reading “Om Namah Shivaya”

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Anybody I’ve spoken with about my first experience of Vinyasa Flow Yoga will have heard me use phrases like ‘inspiring’, ‘amazing’, ‘life-changing’ and various other effusive terms to describe it. It came during a teacher training with a teacher called Shiva Rea in Venice Beach, California. Continue reading “Vinyasa Flow Yoga”

Yoga Siesta

Lying down and relaxing sounds so simple, but Savasana (corpse pose) can be a challenging part of your Yoga practice because it requires your full attention. When your body is still, your mind can become distracted. The mind loves to skip into the future, planning activities and making lists of things to do. Continue reading “Yoga Siesta”

Yoga Greetings

Last month we shared the reason we chant “OM” 3 times at the beginning and end of some of our classes and the meaning of “OM”. This month we’d like to share the meaning of some of the other greetings you might hear in a Yoga class. Continue reading “Yoga Greetings”

Why Om?

You may have noticed that at most classes at Yoga Unlimited, we begin and end the practice with a chant of three “OM”s. Have you wondered why this is? If so, we’d like to explain. Continue reading “Why Om?”

Shiva blew my doors off!

In compiling bits and pieces for this website, I found an article I wrote after I studied with Shiva Rea the first time. I considered rewriting it but decided to leave it as it was when I wrote it, fresh from the experience! That immersion showed me what was possible and really ignited my passion for being a “river guide” for others. Enjoy! Continue reading “Shiva blew my doors off!”