On Courage

Inaugural Off the Mat crew, Sydney

Often, I will teach a class with a theme on courage and the way that yoga prepares us to hold enough space for ourselves so that face up to the tough stuff in our lives, even when we want to run away. When we have sensitivity and courage, we can be of great service to the people in our lives. This past weekend, I was going to teach such a class again. But I was about to learn a deeper level of the very lesson I was there to teach. Continue reading “On Courage”

Embody Your Purpose – Yoga in Action

Marianne, Nick and Kelly
Marianne, Nick and Kelly

I am so excited to announce the new course dates for Yoga in Action: Off the Mat. Every Sunday in November, Marianne Elliott, Nick Potter and I will be running workshops to help you find ways to”Embody Your Purpose”.

Yoga in Action trainings use the power of yoga to help you become more effective and sustainable leaders in your community. We use the tools of yoga to embody your purpose through self-exploration and transformation, the development of communication and leadership skills, all the way to planning and taking action.

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Attitude, Alignment and Action

Anusara Practice

We are so excited to have Katie and Clare joining us this weekend for Wellington’s first ever Anusara workshop! They will be introducing us to Anusara’s set of alignment principles and sharing some of the philosophical values of the Anusara style of yoga.

The foundational set of values in Anusara yoga is referred to as “The Three A’s”. The Three A’s are Attitude, Alignment and Action. There are many ways to define and apply these core values.

At a very basic level, my understanding is that “Attitude” refers to the quality of heart and intention that we bring to the practice. “Alignment” refers to the quality of mind and the knowledge of technique that we bring to the practice. “Action” is the use of the body to actually do the practice from a place of clear intention with an open heart and applying the knowledge that we have. Continue reading “Attitude, Alignment and Action”

Off the Mat

One of the things that has been on my mind an awful lot lately is what I want to be when I grow up and how I can be of service to the world. How can I, as one tiny part of the massive population on earth, make a difference to my community and the world at large? What skills do I have to offer and what do I like to do? And how do I figure that out?

Since mid-January, I have been fortunate enough to be part of a Wellington pilot programme of the worldwide Off the Mat (OTM) initiative. This programme is meant to help yogis to figure out how to be of service to the world using the innate talents and gifts that have been uncovered or accentuated by their yoga practice. Continue reading “Off the Mat”

Make it happen

Whenever you’re embarking on a new journey, a new project, a new day or even a new yoga practice, it’s great to know where you’re headed. Setting a goal or an intention is a powerful way to embed an idea into your subconscious and to galvanise your internal resources to bring it to fruition. Once you’ve got a goal though, it can be helpful to take stock of where you’re starting from in order to clarify which direction or plan of action is most appropriate.

At the outset of my recent training with Shiva Rea, she offered us four questions to get us thinking not only about our goals for the training but also our goals for our lives in general. She had us grab a bit of paper and a pen and then threw them at us, one by one, giving us about two minutes to jot down whatever came to mind immediately. She didn’t want to give us too long to think about them because she wanted the answers to come from an instinctive place, rather than an academic or intellectual place. Continue reading “Make it happen”