Just Breathe

We’re ramping up to silly season and things might be starting to feel a bit hectic in your world. Up to this point in the year, barring any major life challenges, you’ve probably managed to adhere to your health promoting routines and stay on a pretty even keel. Over the next few weeks though, as more social events get added to your calendar and festive responsibilities loom, there is a good possibility that some of those things that help you stay grounded could fall by the wayside. Is this a cause for alarm or for gripping more tightly to the schedule, come hell or high-water? Or is this an opportunity to learn to ground yourself in the blink of an eye, no matter what the external circumstances might be? Continue reading “Just Breathe”

Hand Gestures: Anjali Mudra and Jnana Mudra

Quite often in a yoga class, your teacher will invite you to place your hands in a certain position, called a mudra. Mudra is the Sanskrit word for ‘seal’ or ‘sign’ and refers to hand gestures (or in some cases full body positions) that can direct or focus energy. When called upon to assume these gestures, you may have wondered why it mattered what your hands were doing while you were focusing on your breath or sitting in meditation. Mudras are a wonderful tool for creating the internal state with which you want to approach your practice or any other daily task. This month, we’ll explore the significance of two of the mudras you’ve most likely encountered in our classes at Yoga Unlimited. Continue reading “Hand Gestures: Anjali Mudra and Jnana Mudra”