Private Practice

Me&my favourite teacher
Me&my favourite teacher

The tools of a variety of yoga traditions have catalysed ongoing and often intense transformation in my life, the latest of which is my transition from yoga studio owner into freelance teacher and full-time mother. The crucible of my yoga and meditation practices has held strong as the facades and personas with which I identified for a lifetime have been subtly and not-so-subtly stripped away. Authenticity has pursued me relentlessly ever since the first time I stepped onto a mat.

Teaching yoga has been my full time occupation since 2005. I have developed a skill and a feeling for guiding yoga students as safely as possible towards their own greater experience of authenticity. In my opinion, yoga is not one size fits all. Through study with many great teachers, I’ve gathered a diverse set of tools so that I can accommodate a broad range of students.

Lately, I’ve found my best offering is done in private sessions and small groups of sincere students. While it’s really fun to be part of big public classes, there comes a point in every person’s practice where dedicated teaching is optimal for navigating your personal path.

For some, it’s right at the commencement of their yoga journey. I love working with beginners who want to lay a firm foundation before heading out into the wide world of yoga to explore the smorgasbord of experiences.

For others, it’s following injury or during illness. I’ve worked with many students through a variety of situations for which a big class setting would not serve their needs at that time. Whether it’s breast cancer, a sore knee, a broken heart or anything else, the yoga practice can be adapted to support you on tricky parts of your journey.

Dedicated yoga students come to me for fine tuning their practice or exploring more subtle dimensions than they felt they could on their own. Alignment, anatomy, physiology and neuropsychology are all areas I’ve studied intensely and I love to share what I’ve learned with those who are interested.

I also love working with new teachers from lots of different traditions to help them find their voice and to navigate the early days of teaching. It can be overwhelming to finish teacher training, often in a cocooned and safe environment, only to head out into your community as a “teacher” without a clue of what to do next or anyone to hold your hand. After a decade of teaching and almost that long owning/running yoga studios, offering mentorship to a select few teachers is an honor and a privilege for me.

So if you’ve reached a point in your yoga journey where you think you’d benefit from one-to-one sessions, please get in touch via email I’d be delighted to work with you in person or via Skype if the situation suits.



A little bit of History


GoddessI love yoga. Yoga has opened entire new worlds to me – or perhaps I should say, re-introduced me to the world within me. When I started yoga, I felt like I found my way back to a sacred space inside myself that was familiar and comfortable, yet exciting and new all at the same time. My body became my own again and my heart and mind began to open in ways I scarcely recall them doing even in the glory days of my childhood in Canada.

I am passionate about helping others to experience this same INventure – an adventure into their inner world with yoga as a key tool on the journey. I provide guidance and encouragement to students as they grow appreciation of their bodies, themselves and the world.


ChatI got my Bachelor of Science in Neuropsychology from Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, Canada. At the time of my graduation, I didn’t feel equipped to go into counselling at the tender age of 21 and certainly couldn’t face the prospect of life in a research lab. From my limited vantage point at the time, I thought those were my only options. Either those or further education…

Having had enough of dissecting things, I changed my focus and got my graduate diploma in Information Technology from ITI.  I was well placed in the pre-Y2K hysteria to launch a lucrative career in IT. For nearly a decade I worked on legacy systems, website development and customizing enterprise relationship management software in Canada, the US and New Zealand. At the pinnacle of my time in the IT world, I managed a team of computer programmers for Ernst &Young in New Zealand.

And I was miserable.

Having been a figure skater and a tap, jazz and ballet dancer as a child, being confined to an office for 80 hours per week was unsatisfying. My lifelong passion for wellness and nutrition kept beckoning me and there came a day when I could no longer ignore it.


UpdogI left the IT world and took a year to figure out what I wanted to do. I honestly had no idea and I was too burnt out to even begin rationally considering my options. Toward the end of that year, I was staying with a friend in a community that had no gym. Having been a committed gym bunny who had body image issues for years, the prospect of no exercise was horrifying to me. And so I agreed to do yoga with my friend, even though I was skeptical as to whether yoga would be an acceptable alternative to the gym for me.

Boy, was I wrong. After the very first session of the “Conditioning for Life” DVD (by Rodney Yee), I realised yoga not only met my physical fitness requirements but it also touched on something deeper. For the entire time I was struggling to keep up with the “silly yoga DVD”, my mind was totally focused on that and only that. Everything else faded into the background and when I resurfaced in the real world, things seemed more manageable.

From that day, yoga became my new passion. Every single day I got in front of that DVD and my friend began to teach me things she had learned in classes. My appetite quickly became ravenous and I went to find experienced teachers with whom to work. Less than a year after the inaugural DVD session, I had completed my first 350 hour teacher training.


PigeonSince then I have had plenty more “a-ha” moments. Fairly soon after beginning to teach Shiva Rea blew my doors off. Less than six months later, I opened Yoga Unlimited in Wellington, New Zealand with my good friend and NZ yoga legend Lynda Miers-Henneveld.

I continue to study with various teachers. I love any thing that offers intelligent alignment to keep my body healthy and tantric philosophy that makes my soul sing!

So far, my yoga training includes Nicky Knoff’s Foundation Certificate (2005), Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyasa Immersion Program (2006-8) and ongoing study with various teachers including Simon Borg-Olivier, Desiree Rumbaugh, Shiva Rea, Twee Merrigan, BJ Galvan, Noah Maze and Tara Judelle. I am certified by the Yoga Alliance and I am an Anusara-Inspired™ yoga teacher.

In January 2012, I opened my solo venture Urban Yoga, in the heart of Wellington’s CBD.


My son was born in March 2014 inviting a massive shifting of priorities in my life. As of January 2015, I have handed over the studio to one of my long time students, Sarah Morris. I continue to teach because it is one of my great loves.