Choose to forgive

Choose to forgive. – This is so hard. So hard. But it is absolutely crucial to your own wellbeing. Have you ever noticed that a mere thought of some transgression you’ve experienced and not forgiven can totally ruin an otherwise amazing day? Where do the sensations associated with this grudge live in your body? What contracts?

Using the skills you’ve developed on the yoga mat, tune into the sensations in your body so that you can let go of the story in your head at least for a little while. The longer you can stay with the sensations in your body, the more you notice they will change and move and dissipate. And then a layer of that grudge will go. So the next time the story comes up, you can sit with that layer of sensations and let them move through you.

Don’t get me wrong, in many situations it can take a very long time and some additional help to get to a place of authentic forgiveness. But it is crucial to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the people around you.

I have struggled and continue to do this work myself. And I can tell you for sure that the more I allow the story to go and the sensations to shift, the greater the sense of forgiveness results. It’s an iterative, spiralling process that is totally worth it.

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