Come do some yoga with me!

Happy 2011! YU Summer School is in full swing and I am loving the joyride through the Elements.

If you’d like to do some yoga with me this year, my Regular classes at Yoga Unlimited start on January 23.

Also, here are some of the special classes and courses I am offering this summer!

Wednesday Morning Wake-Up Yoga course – Jan. 26-Feb. 16
Special Wellington Anniversary Day Class (Monday, Jan. 24)
Beginners’ 6-week Yoga Course starts Jan. 31 (next one March 14th)
Embodying Your Purpose – Off the Mat – Mar. 26-Apr. 16

If you’d like to schedule a private session or a corporate class, please email me on Kelly (at)yogainventure (dot) com or text me on 027 330 0014.



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