Focus on what you *do* want

Focus on what you *do* want. – By now, you’ll notice I’m not suggesting that you “stop” doing anything. I find that rarely works. Most of these tidbits are about cultivating what you *do* want.

Why then do we, as a culture, focus on the negatives, the things we don’t want? One of the most pervasive patterns I’ve noticed in myself and in other people is a tendency to obsess over fears, worries and worst-case-scenarios. As a business owner and highly skilled worrywart, I can tell you when you focus on the negatives they multiply and expand. The energy that could be used for creating what you do want gets sucked into a vortex and it’s very hard to pull out of it. It’s such a waste of life and serves absolutely no one at all, least of all yourself.

Hold strong to the vision of what you do want. When the negative thinking patterns kick in, if you can muster the presence of mind and intention, see if you can flip the fear on its head. Focus on the exact opposite eventuality from the one that’s plaguing you in your mind. Kia Kaha.

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