Happy 11-11-11!

Today is thought to mark the shift from the time in the world where we sought to dominate other each other, to acquire power, money and status to a time in the world where we seek to know ourselves as innately strong, wise and knowledgeable. Our challenge is to find our way inward to that truth, rather than taking the path our ancestors took outward – looking for answers from “out there” and seeking power over each other.

Meditation is one of the key practices we can use to get to know ourselves better so that as the world changes around us, we remember our own eternal, bright auspicious nature and hold to that light so that we can help others to do the same.  No matter what you do for a job, where you go in the world, when you have mastery over your own power, even just a little bit, your presence becomes a blessing and a beacon for others who are seeking to reconnect with their own power.

Today as we make the transition into the Aquarian Age, I’d invite you to spend some time in meditation. I offer you the following meditation techniques as a means inward. I honour Tara Judelle, Sally Kempton and Carlos Pomeda for the inspiration behind these offerings. Any deviations from tradition  and their teachings are my own.

As you settle into a comfortable seat, ensure your knees are lower than your hips. Drop the weight of your lower body down into the support underneath you and draw the length of your spine up, aligning your heart center over the floor of  your pelvis and the crown of head over your heart. You may even like to press gently upward on the roof of your mouth with your tongue to find even more internal sense of upward rising.

Close your eyes and take a deep inhale, sigh the exhale out through your mouth. Take a moment or two to arrive to yourself, notice, body, mind, breath. Soften your eyes behind your eyelids, let your face soften and broaden.

Release your inner ears. Allow yourself to notice all of the sounds outside the room. Pick one and concentrate on it for a moment, then move on to another and another and another. Then notice the space in which the sound is held, the totality of the field. Beyond each individual sound is the space in which all of the sounds are held. The sounds are simply contractions of energy at a given point to which we give a label.

You might also be noticing the way that your thoughts are coming and going. Consider how your thoughts are held in the same vast spacious field as the sounds are held. And that they too are simply contractions of energy that we label – as a thought. Allow your awareness to move from thought to thought. See if you can notice the space between in thoughts, the space in which all of the thoughts are held.

Then take your awareness to your breath, allowing it to stay in its own natural pattern. Notice the space between the breaths. Notice the way the breath hovers at the top of the inhale, notice the deep internal resting that occurs at the bottom of the exhale. These pauses in the breath are thought to be gateways to knowing ourselves better. The breath is the bridge between the body and the mind. It is also the bridge between the external and the internal. It is our connection to Universe, to the bigger energy in and around us. In the pauses are the gateways to the vast, unlimited space in which everything is held. Allow yourself to stay aware of the pauses between the breaths, even as distractions come in, even as mind wanders off. Come back to the pauses. Stay close to the gateways and allow yourself to look more deeply inward.

When you come out of meditation, give yourself a few minutes to transition back into the world around you. As you move through your day, see if you can maintain a sense of your inner world even as you interact outwardly with the people around you.

As we draw nearer and nearer to ourselves and remember our true nature as consciousness and bliss, there comes a deep respect for all beings because we recognise that they too are part of the same big energy. Our innate virtues of kindness and compassion can shine forth more readily and when that happens, everyone around us is served and given the opportunity to see their own reflection of goodness and worth.

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