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Whenever you’re embarking on a new journey, a new project, a new day or even a new yoga practice, it’s great to know where you’re headed. Setting a goal or an intention is a powerful way to embed an idea into your subconscious and to galvanise your internal resources to bring it to fruition. Once you’ve got a goal though, it can be helpful to take stock of where you’re starting from in order to clarify which direction or plan of action is most appropriate.

At the outset of my recent training with Shiva Rea, she offered us four questions to get us thinking not only about our goals for the training but also our goals for our lives in general. She had us grab a bit of paper and a pen and then threw them at us, one by one, giving us about two minutes to jot down whatever came to mind immediately. She didn’t want to give us too long to think about them because she wanted the answers to come from an instinctive place, rather than an academic or intellectual place.

I would encourage you to give it a go – it takes about 10 minutes at the most. It can be amazing what responses just come out. At the end of the exercise, you can use the information to set your path towards your goal. In the weeks following your exploration into your own psyche, keep the bit of paper and re-visit your responses from time to time. It’s fascinating how much you actually know about yourself and the right thing for you if you just get your brain out of the way!

The questions: keep in mind these questions can be modified to suit whatever situation or decision you might be facing. Take two minutes to answer each one (set a timer if you like). Don’t think about your answers between questions or attempt to analyse them or make sense of them. Wait until you’ve finished and then spend some time with your answers.

One – What are the obstacles in your life (or this situation) that are ripe to be dissolved?

What are the problems or issues on your path? Are there things that keep coming up time and time again that drain your energy or discourage you from pursuing something passionately? What challenge has persisted in your life long enough and now it’s time to get rid of it?

Two – What do you really want to explore in your life (or on the path towards this goal)?

What are the secret dreams and desires you’re holding deep within? What do you really want to do that you’ve maybe never even acknowledged to yourself? What are you not exploring or doing that would give you abundant joy or energy or happiness?

Three – What are the gifts inside you that will help you to move forward?

We are all born with innate talents – acknowledge yours to yourself. What are you really good at? What traits do you have that serve you or others really well?

Four – What have you come to do or to realise in your life (or why are you pursuing this goal)?

Don’t stress over this one…it’s pretty big but stressing will only shut down your internal resources and block an authentic response. If something specific doesn’t come to mind, feel the direction of your thoughts and just write whatever comes up. Remember this paper is for your eyes only so no one will hold you to it or laugh at you.

Spend a few minutes with your answers and then leave them aside for a while. If you have time, allowing them to marinate in your subconscious for a few days or weeks can yield amazing results. As you go about your normal daily activities, you may become aware of opportunities or solutions that you may have missed before. Being really clear about where you’re coming from can be extremely helpful in getting to your goal.

~ Kelly Fisher

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