Practice Gratitude

Practice gratitude. – As yogis we know that our path is what’s right in front of us. It can be difficult to see that everything unfolds in the perfect order when things don’t go the way that we want them to. Rather than getting mired in the inevitable muck that life sometimes offers and indulging in complaints, remember what you’re grateful for.

As a small practice today, think of some of the negative curveballs that have happened in your life in the past. Consider how eventually many of those things have led you to a better place even if there was difficulty along the way. Consider how much stronger you are as a result of those things. And cultivate a sense of gratitude for the path that has unfolded behind you and continues to unfold ahead of you. Even better, express a little gratitude and watch your energy expand! I have never been very good at expressing gratitude but the more often I consciously choose to do it, the easier it gets and the better I feel. It’s a great habit to foster.

Check back tomorrow for the next suggestion!

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