Practice random acts of kindness

Practice small random acts of kindness. – The practice of yoga helps us to remember our own best selves and then as a natural extension of that, we can offer from that place of goodness, enhancing the lives of those around us. As we enhance the lives of others, our own lives are enhanced. Studies have shown that performing an act of kindness releases the bliss chemical serotonin in your brain. When you help someone else, you instantly and powerfully feel even better than you did before. Not only that, but anyone who happens to witness your kindness will get their own blast of serotonin just by noticing the kindness being offered. Pretty cool, aye? We have so much influence over one another, at the most subtle and unconscious levels. The more conscious we can become of how we influence people, the better able we are to choose behaviours that perpetuate the good in the world.

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