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Have you been feeling a little tired recently? Do you find it difficult to get motivated to do what you need to get done on a daily basis? Have you been dealing with minor niggling aches, pains or illnesses that seem to have no real cause? Do you find yourself slightly unrecognisable sometimes? You, my friend, may have sprung an energetic leak.

Ask yourself this: what are you resisting? Is there some issue, relationship or situation that you just can’t accept the way that it is or the way that it seems to be heading? Is there a change you know you need to make that you’re reluctant to follow through with? The first thing that comes to your mind could be the culprit behind your energetic leak.

When we damp down our internal wisdom, it can be because we are afraid of what might happen if we were to follow our instincts. It costs us every single time – subverting our intuition builds a level distrust with ourselves and self-doubt of ourselves that is absolutely exhausting.

It seems that we human beings are always striving to become something better or someone different than who we already are. But consider the possibility that each of us already has the characteristics and the wisdom we want to possess. We just have to move the things that are blocking our true nature. We need to let go of the resistance that we have to reality. We must get quiet enough to hear our own internal voice and then trust ourselves enough to listen to it.

As you may already know, your first instinct tends to be the right one. You can build faith in yourself by listening to your gut reactions and then acting on them. It’s the thinking mind that takes over after that initial instinct that can get us into trouble.

Quite often when we feel a lack of energy or direction or focus it’s because we’re allowing something (a situation, a person, an idea of what “should” be, resistance to what actually is) to take our strength. But if we stop and listen inside, we will know the right thing to do. Following that wisdom can lead to a wellspring of energy. You might even be surprised to discover that the thing you feared the most is the very thing that sets you free or creates abundance.

You can hone your listening skills in yoga or meditation practice, taking space and time to attune to your own internal language so that when you’re out in the real world, you will be sensitive to your internal cues. You might be astounded at how much energy this way of being frees up for you. When you remove the blockages, your natural energy, intuition and wisdom can shine through.

Plug that energetic leak by following your instincts. You don’t need to look outside of yourself for the answers – you already have them.

~Kelly Fisher

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