Hiding? Yes…but from what?

Someone asked me a provocative question this week. We’d been having a discussion about the fact that the path of tantra (the perspective from which I’m teaching) considers everything from the mundane to the sublime to be a means of waking up, to living fully, to remembering our own best and brightest nature. I had told this person that I used to be a successful IT executive but that I had hated, hated, hated it but that I am struggling to make ends meet as a yoga teacher. So he asked me, “If you’re really living a tantric lifestyle, why aren’t you working in an office instead of hiding in a yoga studio?” Continue reading “Hiding? Yes…but from what?”

Shiva blew my doors off!

In compiling bits and pieces for this website, I found an article I wrote after I studied with Shiva Rea the first time. I considered rewriting it but decided to leave it as it was when I wrote it, fresh from the experience! That immersion showed me what was possible and really ignited my passion for being a “river guide” for others. Enjoy! Continue reading “Shiva blew my doors off!”