Hiding? Yes…but from what?

Someone asked me a provocative question this week. We’d been having a discussion about the fact that the path of tantra (the perspective from which I’m teaching) considers everything from the mundane to the sublime to be a means of waking up, to living fully, to remembering our own best and brightest nature. I had told this person that I used to be a successful IT executive but that I had hated, hated, hated it but that I am struggling to make ends meet as a yoga teacher. So he asked me, “If you’re really living a tantric lifestyle, why aren’t you working in an office instead of hiding in a yoga studio?” Continue reading “Hiding? Yes…but from what?”

Attitude, Alignment and Action

Anusara Practice

We are so excited to have Katie and Clare joining us this weekend for Wellington’s first ever Anusara workshop! They will be introducing us to Anusara’s set of alignment principles and sharing some of the philosophical values of the Anusara style of yoga.

The foundational set of values in Anusara yoga is referred to as “The Three A’s”. The Three A’s are Attitude, Alignment and Action. There are many ways to define and apply these core values.

At a very basic level, my understanding is that “Attitude” refers to the quality of heart and intention that we bring to the practice. “Alignment” refers to the quality of mind and the knowledge of technique that we bring to the practice. “Action” is the use of the body to actually do the practice from a place of clear intention with an open heart and applying the knowledge that we have. Continue reading “Attitude, Alignment and Action”

Make it happen

Whenever you’re embarking on a new journey, a new project, a new day or even a new yoga practice, it’s great to know where you’re headed. Setting a goal or an intention is a powerful way to embed an idea into your subconscious and to galvanise your internal resources to bring it to fruition. Once you’ve got a goal though, it can be helpful to take stock of where you’re starting from in order to clarify which direction or plan of action is most appropriate.

At the outset of my recent training with Shiva Rea, she offered us four questions to get us thinking not only about our goals for the training but also our goals for our lives in general. She had us grab a bit of paper and a pen and then threw them at us, one by one, giving us about two minutes to jot down whatever came to mind immediately. She didn’t want to give us too long to think about them because she wanted the answers to come from an instinctive place, rather than an academic or intellectual place. Continue reading “Make it happen”