Tell Yourself the Truth

Tell yourself the truth. – As a practicing yogi, you’re cultivating a greater sense of self-awareness. There’s no point in lying to yourself, even over the tiniest thing. The tricky part is that we can get so good at just not seeing certain things, we end up being dishonest with ourselves inadvertently. What I’ve learned is that when I’m lying to myself about something, I disconnect more often. I get into that vague, sleepy, disengaged state whenever I’m not actively doing something. Or I distract myself with music, movies or books.

Notice when silence is overwhelming and instead of running from it, see what happens if you sit in it for just 10 minutes. Connect with your breath, notice the thoughts that come. Notice the sensations in your body. Sometimes the truth will surface if you just give it a chance. Then you can deal with it.

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