Top Five Things I learned from Noah and the Earthquake

Noah maze workshopThis past weekend, I was fortunate enough to have been part of an Anusara workshop led by the incomparable Noah Maze. Noah’s gift for recounting the stories that make up yogic lore brings those ancient tales alive and makes them so relevant to our modern lives.

After the first night’s session, overnight there was a magnitude 7.1 earthquake in the city of Christchurch, where the workshop was being held. Luckily, because the quake happened in the middle of the night, no lives were lost and there were only two serious injuries reported. It certainly did give us all a moment to pause. In the pause I felt immense awe for the power of nature and abundant gratitude to have been witness but not adversely affected.

So many stories will be coming out the weekend for ages to come, but I’ thought I’d offer my initial impressions of the things I took away from that weekend here :

  1. Story telling is a way of helping us to understand our world and our experience a little better.
  2. The divine masculine and divine feminine that are represented in each of us, are explained in various myths, symbolism and fairy tales. Our goal is not to deny our divine feminine or masculine aspects, rather to find the authentic expression to fulfil our dharma.
  3. Our normal myopic view of the world gets shifted when something big (like a magnitude 7.1 earthquake) happens. In a shared experience, a spontaneous collective consciousness occurs.
  4. We are free to shape the contours of our consciousness. Grace will navigate the contours of that consciousness.
  5. Lilic events give you a chance to see what’s really important. People become more loving, more compassionate, more conscious. Christchurch folks really came through for one another!

Kelly Fisher

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