Sleep Wise Habits

It all starts with sleep.

Our health, our wellbeing, our energy, our creativity, our concentration, our relationships, our careers, our vitality, our contribution to community, our longevity.

Everything that matters to us is enhanced with adequate, good quality sleep. Everything that matters to us becomes immeasurably vulnerable to damage with inadequate, poor quality sleep.

Sleep is a force multiplier.

So many people are talking about the importance of sleep and even giving great advice on how to get it. Everyone from bonafide sleep doctors to flash-in-the-pan celebrities have written reams on the subject. Just about every health related podcast has dedicated some air time to the subject of sleep. Google “sleep” and you will be inundated with information.

But how many of them are there to help you step-by-step, along the way to re-establish a natural sleep rhythm?

With the SleepWise Habits programme, there are several support levels to actually help you to improve your sleep.**

Based on ancient wisdom, proven by modern science.

Did you know:

A good night’s sleep starts with how and when you wake up?

Your meals (how many, how big, and what time you eat them) influence hormone levels and genes that tell your body when to get ready to sleep?

Your personalised evening ritual is one of the best ways to guarantee getting to sleep?

How you breathe is telling your nervous system whether it’s time to be productive and creative or time to rest and digest?

Your body temperature as you go to sleep and stay asleep can either get in your way or take you away to a great night’s rest?

Sunlight, sex and simple pleasures will facilitate sweet dreams?

Sleep Wise offers a robust system of support that you can tailor based on your needs.

  • Sleep Wise 101 – a free talk to give you the basics on how to get a good night’s sleep. Get in touch to be informed about upcoming dates in Wellington and on the Kapiti Coast.
  • Sleep Wise Consultation – a one-off, one-hour private conversation to introduce the concepts of the Sleep Wise Habits to you with an opportunity to have your questions answered.
  • Sleep Wise Workshop – a 2.5 hour dive into both the ancient and modern perspectives on sleep, coupled with some guided practices to help you re-embody your natural rhythms.
  • Sleep Wise Programme – This is a six-week guided journey to help you re-align with nature’s wisdom. There are two ways to go down this track. As the African proverb reminds us, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Your choice will depend on urgency and also preferred way of receiving support.
    • Private consultation – a private programme where we work together to sort your sleep, focused only on you.
    • Group Process – experience the transformative power of being in a group of like-purposed people. Research shows that our subcultures shape us, whether we like it or not. By being part of a group committed to improving sleep habits, you stand the chance of going further than you might on your own.
  • Sleep Wise Continuity – This is a private community for graduates of the Sleep Wise Programme. Evolving your habits can take time and there can be a dance  of  a few steps forward and then a step back as your identity shifts. Being in community means enhanced support for the tough times and a cheering squad for the good times.

Want to know more? Schedule your FREE discovery call to give me a better idea of what you’re dealing with and to give us both an idea of how to tailor this journey for you.

**Throughout the SleepWise Habits journey, you will be guided to implement Ayurvedic lifestyle factors using scientifically-based habit change methodologies. This is sufficient for the majority of participants. For a small percentage, having the steady, predictable routine in place can help clarify whether there are underlying clinical issues which must be addressed by specific practitioners. Should that be the case, I have a roster of professionals to whom I refer. Having the SleepWise Habits in place can facilitate your healing journey whether you need to go down the clinical path or not.