Corporate Yoga

I offer onsite lunchtime sessions as well as the occasional early morning or after work class. Please email me at Kelly (at) kellyfisheryoga (dot) com or ring me on 021 889 048 to discuss the options for your team!

Having spent nearly a decade in the IT industry as a computer programmer and a couple of years as manager with Ernst&Young, I know first-hand the stress and tension corporate life can place on a body and a mind. When I worked in that industry, I did not practice yoga but I did go to the gym faithfully. Taking time to care for my health has always been of utmost importance to me. What I didn’t realise back then, however, is how much yoga would have enhanced my wellbeing and my capacity to perform well in my job as well in all of the other pursuits in my life.

Now, one of my favorite services to offer is corporate yoga. Whenever I go into a familiar corporate setting to teach yoga, I feel so lucky to be able to provide the employees with a break in the middle of their day. People often experience such a shift in their perspective that the rest of their day goes so much more smoothly than it otherwise would have.

Numerous studies as well as stacks of anecdotal evidence suggest that corporate yoga provides the following benefits (and many more):


  • Stress Management – Our bodies contract when we’re stressed and if we do nothing to release the tension, we carry it around with us. Yoga provides the opportunity to release long held tension through breathing and movement. A reduction in stress means improved immunity for participants and a better working environment for everyone.
  • Better Relationships – Taking time away from your desk to do something enjoyable with your work mates strengthens a sense of community in the office. Improved morale fosters good team building and communication
  • Improvement in Body Ailments – Many of us who spend lots of time in front of a computer notice little physical niggles like back pain, neck problems, eye problems, headaches and general muscular tension. Having a yoga class in your office gives people a convenient and cost-effective option that they can use to improve their well-being. Yoga practice under the guidance of a trained professional can improve flexibility, build strength, improve posture and reduce muscular tension. It also reduces the incidences of osteoarthritis and soothes symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Improvement in Efficiency – Yoga is well known for improving out capacity for concentration and focus as well as giving us the tools to stay calm in stressful situations. Always handy to have!

Please get in touch to explore the possibilities for your office.