Personalised Beginners’ Series

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Starting yoga in a public class can feel like a daunting prospect. Given that yoga is a highly customisable art and science, learning yoga in a one-to-one setting is the ideal way to get a handle on the basics as they relate to you individually. Not every posture or practice is suitable for every person. By working privately, you have the freedom to navigate the options to create a yoga experience that suits you perfectly on every level.

If that sounds like the way you’d like to start your yoga exploration, please get in touch with me to book your six one-hour sessions to discover a yoga practice that serves you well.


Each session starts with a conversation about how you’re feeling and which direction you’d like to head. Given that beginners aren’t completely sure what is possible, the Beginners’ Series I offer covers one main principle for each of the first five sessions. Each principle is a rule of thumb that you will be able to use in any yoga practice for years to come, whether you decide to practice at home or in public classes.

Armed with the principles, you may feel confident enough to join public classes near you or you may prefer to practice on your own or privately with me to consolidate your learning further. Once we’ve gone through the five principles, the sixth session can be review time or the opportunity for us to co-create your own home practice, as you choose.

By working one-to-one and week-to-week, you can begin to see how a good yoga practice can meet you where you are and be adapted for how you want to feel when you finish.

Join me!

Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your request.