Yoga Courses

Sometimes learning as part of a group and integrating the knowledge over the span of a few weeks can be the most sustainable way to learn something deeply.

Foundations Yoga Course

This is a great place to start your yoga exploration and it’s also a wonderful refresher of the basics no matter how experienced you are on a yoga mat!

The Foundations Yoga Course offers a toolkit that you will be able to use in any yoga practice for years to come, whether you decide to practice at home or in public classes.

We will cover five main principles over the first five weeks and the final session(s) will be review time and the opportunity to experience a seamless practice.

Armed with the principles, you may feel more confident when you join public classes near you or when you practice on your own. You may also choose to work privately with me to consolidate your learning further.

Yoga For Rehabilitation

Anyone can do yoga, it’s just a matter of how the practice is adapted to the individual in question. Done with specific intention and a particular quality of attention, Yoga can be used as part of a rehabilitative or wellness programme for just about anyone.

Traditionally yoga was taught one-on-one to ensure each person got the right practice for them. In modern times, we see big public classes with lots of people doing the same practice at the same time. That’s great if your body can do everything that is being asked by the teacher but what happens if you can’t?

I invite you to try yoga that can be adapted for you. My experience with yoga for people with all kinds of niggles and quirks and the small class size mean you will be able to enjoy a practice that helps with your rehabilitation. Even if you’ve tried other styles of yoga, I encourage you to see what a difference intention and attention can make.

Yoga for Wellness and Rehabilitation is a five-week small group course suitable for:

  • hesitant beginners
  • new mamas (post birth 12+ weeks)
  • those with limited strength or flexibility
  • those who’ve got some aches and pains that make the idea of normal yoga class a little bit intimidating.

If you’re not sure if it’s for you, please get in touch for a chat.

This course has been offered at Capital Sports Medicine in Wellington CBD and at Rimu Chiropractic on the Kapiti Coast.  Adapted variations of this course are available for small private groups. I am happy to work with you to create a great experience if you’ve got a group in mind.

Yoga For Breast Cancer

This is a  four-week course for women in the various stages of recovery from breast cancer. The sessions explore gentle stretching, strength building, meditation and breathing practice. Because the class size are kept small, each participant will have the opportunity to work with me to tailor the postures and exercises in the way that best serves her for the way that she is feeling on the day of the class. Check out the feedback from previous courses!

The 60-minute class structure is as follows:

  • 10 minutes of centring and breathing practice
  • 35 minutes of yoga postures aimed at mobilising the shoulder area, building core strength and developing stamina (where appropriate)
  • 15 minutes relaxation, guided meditation and/or breathing practice

The combination of physical exercise with breath focus and meditation allows the student to cultivate a greater level of awareness of her physical body as well as her own mental and emotional processes. Through increased awareness, the student is much more able to be an active participant in the integration of her experience as well as a driving force towards greater healing and wellbeing.

Courses can be arranged on request. I’ve taught them all many times over and would be happy to offer them again.  If you’re interested in one of the courses that doesn’t have an upcoming offering, let me know by emailing Kelly (at) kellyfisheryoga (dot) com or by calling 021 889 048.